It’s tech buzz time once again. BarCampPune – 2 is on the cards and scheduled for Dec 16 & 17 for Dec 16 at Symbiosis Institute of Computer Studies and Research (SICSR). This time we have got much more add-ons. Together with the geeks’ speech there are also proposals aloft to rope in VCs and Start-up CEOs. We hope this will all help the entrepreneurial ecosystem to grow with the spirit of the BarCamps’. BarCampPune-2 has decided to go well into the night with a Networking dinner too.

TCS is sponsoring the full event. Off late TCS has taken quite a good step forward in nurturing these kind of events viz BarCamps, MobileMondays etc. It’s a great initiative and hats off for a Corporate like TCS to support for unconferences. It will go a long way in stirring the spirit of technology, business and innovation.

The BarCampPune wiki is up and running. So be there to see lots of action and do spread the word around.


2 responses to “BarCampPune-2

  1. BarCamp Pune 2 was simply ausumn, every1 thoroughly enjoyed. It was a great evening at SIMS. All in all, amazing turnout at SICSR for barCampPune 2, look forward to hackCamp on Feb 4th and 5th

  2. Hi Priyank, it’s indeed you guys who have made all the help. Due Thanks for the wonderful volunteering you and your colleagues have done. Yes, we will do much more Big gies in the future. Ciao !

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